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JAB PYAR KISISE HOTA HAI:(Ramesh Taurani& Kumar Taurani):
  Kumar:      We designed the  film as a  complete entertainer for the family. As I see it, what worked in favor of the film is an interesting storyline, slick direction and excellent music. It was teamwork all the way.
KKKH is a complete film. I am very proud of the manner in which Karan's directed it. Everything was worked out to the last detail, the emotions, music,location...
The success of the film speaks for itself.
PYAR KIYA TO DARNA KYA:(Sohail Khan & Bunty Walia):
Bunty: It is my 1st film. Since we weren't experienced, we made a lot of mistakes. But it was a learning experience. I am also aware that promotion plays a very important role in a film's success today.
PYAR TO HONA HI THA:(Gordham Tanwani):
It worked because it was not the usual romantic comedy . The highlight was the interaction between Ajay and Kajol in a series of funny sequences.Good performances and smart direction made it a winner.
SATYA:(Ram Gopal Varma):
This intense film takes a close look at Mumbai's underworld. The mainstay of the film was brillant performance from the cast, spearheaded by Manoj Bajpai, Chakravarty,Urmila and Shefali Chhaya.