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Round 3 - San Marino

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62 laps Coulthard is 2nd, Barrichello is 3rd. Hill 4th,
61 laps Schumacher wins!!!!
61 laps Salo is out of the race
61 laps Schumacher has almost won the race...
60 laps Alesi is in 6th - if anyone else fails Salo will be in the points
59 laps Zanardi has crashed as well on Herbert's smoke and oil
59 laps Herbert is out from 5th
58 laps Barrichello has been lapped by Schumacher...but he has opened up a reasonable gap to Hill in 4th
57 laps Coulthard has 4.7 seconds to catch Schumacher now, but there probably isn't time...
55 laps Schumacher is now between Hill and Barrichello. Hill needs to get up to the Stewart to have a go at the podium
54 laps Hill lets him through
54 laps Schumacher is right behind Hill - he is about to lap him
54 laps Hill is now only 1.9 seconds behind Barrichello
54 laps Coulthard in 2nd will soon be lapping Barrichello in 3rd
53 laps The Crowd love it, but the gap is down to 4.9 seconds
53 laps Diniz is out
53 laps Coulthard has got it down to 5.1
52 laps Hill is about to be lapped by Schumacher
51 laps 5.5 seconds is the gap now - Coulthard is catching up
51 laps Schumacher's lead over Coulthard is shrinking to 5.8 seconds
50 laps Panis is out
49 laps Barrichello is now 3rd
49 laps Hill has been lapped in 3rd
49 laps Jordan are preparing for Hill
48 laps Irvine's engine failed
48 laps Fisichella is up to 6th!
48 laps Bad luck for Frentzen - his car is being removed by a tractor
47 laps Damon Hill is now 3rd...Barrichello moves up too
46 laps Frentzen has crashed after spinning on Irvine's oil at Acqua Minerale
46 laps Irvine is out with a technical problem
45 laps Barrichello has stopped twice, as has Schumacher. Coulthard, Irvine, Frentzen and Hill only one
43 laps Schumacher gets out in front again! Amazing strategy from Ferrari
43 laps Schumacher pits from 3rd
43 laps Ferrari are waiting for Irvine to come in again
42 laps Barrichello pits
42 laps Herbert is under pressure in 7th, with Zanardi and Alesi right behind him
42 laps Schumacher sets another fastest lap - he's flying away now
41 laps Schumacher has lapped up to 7th place
41 laps Schumacher sets another best lap
40 laps Panis and Fisichella are blue flagged to let Coulthard past
39 laps Coulthard now has to get past the same backmarkers he has passed once already...Irvine is catching him, while Schumacher is disappearing
39 laps Schumacher now has 13 secodns on Coulthard
38 laps Coulthard is off the course...Panis unlaps himself
38 laps Ron Dennis is on the move in the pits...he's unhappy about something. Coulthard can't get past Fisichella
37 laps COulthard is now 6.8 seconds down
36 laps Diniz is out of the race
36 laps 2nd place Coulthard has a 22.6 second lead over Irvine...
36 laps Schumacher has 5 seconds on Coulthard
35 laps Schumacher is now race leader with Irvine third - the crowd love it
35 laps The top 6 have all stopped once now
34 laps Schumacher is now the leader and Coulthard has traffic in front of him
34 laps Coulthard will not get out - he doesn't
34 laps COulthard pits
33 laps Herbert is back to 8th after his pit stop
33 laps Schumacher is eating into Coulthard's lead - Coulthard must pit now
32 laps Salo is limping to the pits
32 laps Coulthard has not yet pitted - the crucial moment of the race will be when he comes out
32 laps Both Stewarts are in the points now
32 laps Alesi is on the stones...and down to 11th
31 laps Herbert pits...Takagi won't need his 10 second penalty... he's out
31 laps Takagi gets a 10 second stop-go
30 laps The pressure is now on Coulthard's crew
30 laps Ferrari pit Schumi in 6.9!
30 laps Schumacher pits
29 laps Schumacher's crew is getting ready
29 laps Coulthard is held up by Diniz - Schumacher is only a second behind now
29 laps Zanardi pits - he is the only Williams in the race now
28 laps Hill pits in 7.6 - very quick
28 laps Ralf Schumacher is out of the race
27 laps Schumacher is getting the gap down to 2.5 seconds, and Coulthard has Diniz in front of him
27 laps Ferrari are preparing to host Irvine
27 laps Ralf Schumacher pits quickly in 8.8 seconds
26 laps Schumacher's holding the gap steady, which suggests the cars are equally matched and on the same strategy
26 laps Hill is momentarily 6th but he hasn't stopped
26 laps Frentzen pits
27 laps Alesi takes Fisichella for 10th place
26 laps Hakkinen has gamely admitted his own mistake already
25 laps Pit stops for the leaders are imminent
24 laps Diniz pits
24 laps Frentzen is up to 4th at the moment, with Ralf behind him
23 laps Salo pits
23 laps Barrichello pits from 4th
22 laps Schumacher now has 3.3 seconds to catch Coulthard
21 laps Gene is almost run out of the race as he didn't notice Irvine lapping him until the last moment...
21 laps Alesi is now running in 12th after his pitstop
20 laps A Minardi pits
19 laps Coulthard is now stretching out again...the gap is back to 4 seconds. Irvine is catching Schumi slowly
18 laps The gap is 3.6 seconds between Coulthard and Schumacher
18 laps The crowd are electrified by Hakkinen's crash...
18 laps Ralf Schumacher gets into the points by default after Hakkinen's mistake
18 laps Irvine is now 3rd by default
17 laps Schumacher is closing on Coulthard
17 laps Hakkinen has to stand and watch as the cars go past - it was a driving mistake by Hakkinen
17 laps Coulthard is now the race leader...4 seconds in front of Schumacher
17 laps Hakkinen lost his car coming out of the final chicane into the pit straight...that changes everything
17 laps Hakkinen is okay but he's out of the race
16 laps Hakkinen has crashed!!!!
15 laps Hakkinen is lapping Marc Gene already
15 laps Alesi pits...he must be on 3 stops
14 laps BAR's hopes rest on Salo, who is down in 15th
14 laps Schumacher is now only 3 seconds behind Coulthard
13 laps Coulthard is out of shape slightly coming out of Tosa...he will lose more time
11 laps Ralf Schumacher, Damon Hill and Jean Alesi are all together in 7th, 8th and 9th
10 laps Panis has spun but keeps going, losing a couple of slots
9 laps Irvine is 19 seconds down in 4th place - either Hakkinen has taken on a new dimension or he is banking on good pitstops to get out in front of the pack....we shall see around lap 24 when the first stops happen
9 laps Frentzen is currently in 6th spot, which means he could score again for Jordan
8 laps Jean Alesi is stuck to the back of Damon Hill's Jordan. Hill is 8th at the moment
7 laps Coulthard MUST be on a different strategy...he is 8 seconds off Hakkinen
7 laps Zanardi has dropped to 11th
6 laps Hakkinen is streaming away...he has an 18 second advantage on Barrichello in 5th
6 laps Schumacher is 8.8 seconds down now on Hakkinen....he is getting destroyed by the Mclarens at the moment
6 laps Both drivers are okay
5 laps Yellow flags at the of the wheels came off its tether
4 laps de la Rosa and Wurz have smashed...
4 laps Benetton and Arrows have crashed
4 laps Coulthard is 4 seconds down on Hakkinen, which suggests that he might be on a one-stop strategy as well..
4 laps Hakkinen now has 7 seconds on Schumacher
3 laps Fisichella is up to 13th from 16th
3 laps Hakkinen is probably on a 2 stop strategy, but could Schumacher be on a one-stopper?
3 laps Schumacher is already 5.5 seconds down on Hakkinen
2 laps Villeneuve had a gear problem, not a stall
2 laps Only four drivers are on the hard compound - the Mclarens, Schumacher and Fisichella
2 laps Hakkinen has a 2.2 second advantage already
2 laps Villeneuve gets out of his car
1 lap Villeneuve is putting his gloves back on...he looks like he will start again
1 lap Frentzen is up to 6th
0 laps Villeneuve is rolled into the pits...savage blow for BAR
0 laps Hakkinen is getting away already
0 laps Trulli is off on lap1
0 laps Villeneuve has stalled
0 laps They're away...Hakkinen away ...Schumacher in behind
Pre race formation lap underway
Pre race 5 minutes to go...
Pre race Pit exit is now closed...the cars are on the grid
Pre race 15 minutes to go...the pit exit will close in 2 minutes
Pre race 20 minutes to go now...temperature is climbing slowly. The track is now 28c
Pre race Hakkinen and Schumacher are out on final warmup....Takagi, Wurz too...
Pre race with under half an hour to go, the cars are out on a final warm up. It is a glorious sunny day at Imola...
Pre race Track temperature is 27c, Current air temp at Imola is 22c. Low humidity and no sign of rain
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