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Temperature is 28C, great weather for a race

Hakkinen away Schumacher in behind Villeneuve has stalled

Hakkinen is getting away Frentzen is up to 6th

3th lap Schumacher is already 5.4 seconds down on Hakkinen

4th lap Coulthard is 4 seconds down on Hakkinen, might be on a one-stop strategy

4th lap Arrows ofde la Rosa and Benetton of Wurz have smashed.

5th lap Yellow flags at the Rivazza one of the wheels came off its tether

6th lap Hakkinen is streaming awayhas an 18 sec adv on Barrichello in 5th

7th lap Coulthard is on a different strategy. 8 seconds off Hakkinen

8th lap Jean Alesi is stuck to the back of Damon Hill's Jordan who is 8th.

9th lap Frentzen is currently in 6th spot

13th lap Coulthard is out of line coming out of Tosa will lose time

14th lap Schumacher is now only 3 seconds behind Coulthard

15th lap Hakkinen is lap ping Marc Gene already

16th lap Hakkinen has crashed!!!!

17th lap Hakkinen is okay but out of the race

17th lap Coulthard is now the race leader...4 seconds in front of Schumacher

17th lap Schumacher is closing on Coulthard

18th lap Irvine is now 3rd by default

18th lap Ralf Schumacher gets into the points after Hakkinen's mistake

18th lap The crowd are electrified by Hakkinen's crash...

18th lap The gap is 3.6 seconds between Coulthard and Schumacher

19th lap Coulthard is stretching out again gap back to 4 seconds.

23th lap Barrichello pits from 4th

24th lap Frentzen is up to 4th at the moment, with Ralf behind him

26th lap Frentzen pits

26th lap Hill is 6th but he hasn't stopped

27th lap Ralf Schumacher pits quickly in 8.8 seconds

27th lap Ferrari are preparing to host Irvine

27th lap the gap down to 2.5 seconds, and Coulthard has Diniz in front of him

28th lap Ralf Schumacher is out of the race

28th lap Hill pits in 7.6 quick secs

29th lap Schumacher is only a second behind now

30th lap Schumacher pits Schumacher in 6.9!

31th lap Takagi gets a 10 second stop penalty

32th lap Both Stewarts are in the points now

34th lap Coulthard pits

34th lap Coulthard will not get out in front after pitting.

35th lap Schumacher is now race leader with Irvine third - the crowd love it

37th lap Coulthard is now 6.8 seconds down

38th lap Ron Dennis is unhappy Coulthard can't get past Fisichella

40th lap Panis and Fisichella are blue flagged to let Coulthard past

42th lap Schumacher sets fastest lap - he's leaving coultard behind

42th lap Barrichello pits

43th lap Schumacher pits from 3rd

43th lap Schumacher gets out in front again.

46th lap Irvine is out with a technical problem

46th lap Frentzen has crashed after spinning on Irvine's oil at Acqua Minerale

47th lap Damon Hill is now 3rd Barrichello moves up too

49th lap Barrichello is now 3rd

51th lap 5.5 seconds is the gap now - Coulthard is catching up

52th lap Hill is about to be lap ped by Schumacher

54th lap Coulthard in 2nd will soon be lap ping Barrichello in 3rd

54th lap Hill is now only 1.9 seconds behind Barrichello

54th lap Schumacher is right behind Hill - he is about to lap him

57th lap Coulthard has 4.7 seconds to catch Schumacher now, but there isn't time

58th lap Barrichello has been lap ped by Schumacher.

59th lap Herbert is out from 5th Alesi is in 6th

61th lap Schumacher wins for ferrari at home!