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Q1: when was scuderia ferrari started and by who?
Q2:who was the 1st F1 champion?
Q3: How many championships has Juan Manuel Fangio won?
Q4: which was the 1st team to win the Constructors championship?
Q5: who has the record for the greatest no. of wins in a season for a driver?
Q6: How many victories in F1 does Allan Prost have as a driver?
Q7: when where and with which team did Jackie Steward win his 1st G.P?
Q8: Who has the record for the highest no of poles in a season?
Q9: when did Arrows start competing in F1?
Q10: who has the highest no of wins for an engine?
Q11: How many wins does ferrari have?
Q12: who is the youngest world champion?
Q13: who is the oldest world champion?
Q14: what is the lowest no of cars ever to finish a G.P. ?
Q15: who was voted AUTOCAR MAN OF THE YEAR in 1997?
Q16: who else besides Fangio has a Hat Trick of championships?
Q17: who was the 1st driver for williams?
Q18: which was the year when williams won its 1st race and where?
Q19: which were the teams to have 6 wheeled cars and what happened to them?