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Schumacher slaps $7.7 mln price on his head
FRANKFURT, Nov 10  - Michael Schumacher has sold the rights to his forehead for 14.6 million marks ($7.78 million). Schumacher's flame-red Ferrari cap will for the next three years be emblazoned with the logo of Deutsche Vermoegensberatung (DVAG) but, with a space just 10 cm by eight to play with, the firm's name will face a tight squeeze to fit in. "There's nothing to worry about there,'' a spokeswoman for DVAG, a German asset management firm, said."We're quite sure everyone will be able to read it.'' 
The battle for a slot on the ex-Formula One world champion's racing overalls has already brought in contracts worth around $90 million, of which the German driver pockets around $7 million as part of his estimated annual earnings of $38 million. The DVAG logo, which also adorns the shirts of first division club soccer Kaiserslautern, will fight those of Marlboro, Shell, Bridgestone and Federal Express for the attention of the world's cameras, which are trained on Schumacher more than any other driver."We share his aim of being number one,'' the DVAG website said. 

Dubai in talks to host Formula One race
DUBAI, Nov 10 - Dubai is negotiating with Formula One boss Bernie Ecclestone to host a grand prix race, one of the Arab world's top motor sports figures said on Wednesday."The goverment is taking care of it and a lot of meetings are going on,'' Mohammed Bin Sulayem, the United Arab Emirates rally driver who has won 49 international rallies, told Reuters following the UAE Desert Challenge cross country rally. He said talks between Ecclestone and officials from Dubai, the Gulf's thriving commercial hub, were being taken "very seriously.'' An FIA spokesman said last month that Ecclestone was talking to the Egyptian government about a possible race there and"another Middle East country for the same reasons.'' Bin Sulayem said his own discussions with Ecclestone had shown that there would be no obstacle to the emirate staging an annual fixture if it could raise the money. "They (the government) are studying it to do it right,'' he said, adding that they wanted to make sure a race circuit would benefit the local economy and not just Formula One. 
They were also mindful of a costly aborted attempt in the early 1980s to build an international circuit in Dubai. 
The glamorous image of Formula One would suit the oil-rich emirate which already hosts international power boat, golf, polo and tennis competitions and the world's richest horse race. 

Arrows boss denies takeover rumours
LONDON, Nov 10  - The Arrows Formula One team on Wednesday denied it was considering a takeover bid from former Benetton team chief David Richards."Arrows Team principal, Tom Walkinshaw, wishes to deny any talks now or in the past with David Richards of Prodrive regarding a bid to take over the Formula One team,'' Arrows declared in a statement. "Mr Walkinshaw strongly objects to what he considers frivolous and unfounded rumours.'' Britain's Motoring News had reported earlier that Walkinshaw was considering a bid for Arrows by race preparation company Prodrive, which runs Subaru's world rally championship team and Ford's British Touring Car championship cars. Arrows' major shareholder is Morgan Grenfell Private Equity, a division of Deutsche Bank (DBKGn.DE). 
The team scored just one point in 1999 and have been repeatedly identified in the past as takeover targets