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77 laps Schumacher wins! Irivine second Hakinnen 3rd
74 laps 8 cars are left in the race - Schumacher has lapped up to 5th 
73 laps Fisichella is right behind Barrichello, Barrichello crashes Wurz inherits 6th position
70 laps Barrichello is lapped by Schumacher 
Trulli joins Zanardi in being lapped a second time 
Race order is being maintained - Frentzen looks like he has 4th place in the bag, with a 19 second advantage over Barrichello 
Hakkinen is slowly closing on Irvine 
Schumacher is now soon to lap Barrichello in 5th 
Trulli has lost his 7th place after over running the Ste Devote 
Schumacher is now back to full speed 
Barrichello in 5th is coming under fire from Fisichella 
Irvine is catching Schumacher with a steady rate of 2 to 3 seconds a lap - with Hakkinen behind him 
Frentzen pits for the first time - he gets out in 4th in front of Barrichello 
Ralf Schumacher has crashed - his rear wing flew off 
55 laps Irvine has pitted again gets out in front of Hakkinen 
Fisichella is lapped by Schuie 
Hakkinen is closing on Irvine. Michael Schumacher is slowing He seems to have lost 3 seconds a lap 
Schumacher has now lapped up to 6th 
49 laps Barrichello pits, Frentzen is yet to stop 
49 lapsHakkinen pits! Irvine will go second 
46 laps Hakkinen is beginning to lessen the gap to Schumacher - but Irvine is staying with him 
Trulli is set to score a point for Prost as things stand 
The Benettons in 6th and 7th to be lapped by Schumacher 
Trulli moves up to 6th in front of Fisichella 
41 lapsIrvine is going to try to pass if Hakkinen doen't pit..
40 laps Schumi pits - he exits in front 
Coulthard is definitely out of the race 
Hakkinen  suffered from oil on the track when he went straight on there now yellow/red flags , indicating slippery track ahead 
Hakkinen goes down an escape road! He is still second but has lost time Irvine is now only 2.4 seconds back 
Coulthard pits while Salo crashed at Loews
Irvine pits and exits in front of Coulthard and Barrichello 
35 laps Coulthard is dropping away 
Villeneuve's engine has blown 
33 laps Herbert is out of the race after hitting a barrier 
Irvine tries...all three are together, Hakkinen, Irvine and Coulthard 
Coulthard's engine is now giving out thick smoke from the engine 
30 laps Schumacher sets a best lap with 1.22.2 
27 laps Just 4.3 seconds separates 2nd, 3rd and 4th now 
Schumacher has 15.4 seconds on Hakkinen 
24 laps Irvine is now right up to Hakkinen 
23 laps Schumacher is now going to run into traffic Salo, Alesi and Diniz 
17 laps Hakkinen is about to pass Ralf who is blue flagged and lets him through 
16 laps Irvine is closing on Hakkinen - just 2.6 secs behind 
15 laps The gap is now out to 12 seconds - Hakkinen must have been delayed 
14 laps Coulthard's engine is smoking the engine might blow 
13 laps Ralf and de la Rosa have already been lapped 
11 laps Schumacher's lead is over 7 seconds 
Z7 laps anardi is under pressure from Wurz 
6 laps Diniz clipped the wall at Rascasse but is running okay 
6 laps Schumacher is t 4.9 seconds on Hakkinen 
4 laps Hakkinen is now 3.3 seconds down 
Ralf got started again but Hill is trudging to the pits 
3 laps Hill and Ralf Schumacher have smashed at Nouvelle Chicane 
2 laps 2.8 seconds is the lead of schuie
Irvine now has  Coulthard buzzing behind him 
Schumacher has got 1.3 seconds already has a lighter fuel load than the Mclarens 
Irvine jumped Coulthard into 3rd, Barrichello is in 5th 
 Schumacher in front of Hakkinen at start