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Irvine and Hakkinen will be level at the top of the driver's list
Frentzen wins,Ralf 2nd, Salo 3rd. A ferrari is on the podium. The tifosi are happy.
52 lap Coultard almost overtakes barichello on the finish line
50 lap Frentzen is holding onto his 4 second lead
49 lap Coulthard blows another chance to get past at Goodyear
48 lap Alesi takes Damon Hill for  9th place
47 lap Ralf Schumacher does a fastest lap: 1:25.579
46 lap Mika Salo looks good for a podium position in front of the tifosi - if things stay the same, 
45 lap The top 4 are strung out and look unlikely to change - the real battle is whether Coulthard can pass Barrichello and get 3 points instead of 2
44 lap Salo does another fastest lap - he is now closing the 5 second gap to Ralf Schumacher
42 lap Salo has the fastest lap
40 lap Frentzen looks good for his 2nd race win of the season
39 lap Frentzen actually stretched his lead over Ralf at the pit stops
36 lap Hakkinen is back in the pits
Coulthard is now behind Barrichello as well
Salo gets out in front of Coulthard 
Salo and Coulthard pit at the same time, Ferrari has calculated the amount of fuel exactly 
35 lap Salo leads temporarily, the crowd go mad anyway, despite the fact that he hasn't pitted
34 lap Ralf Schumacher is in 6th after his pit stop,Frentzen pits
33 lap Alesi pits.Ralf Schumacher pits too
Panis pits,Zanardi is back in the places looking for his 1st finish in the points
Olivier Panis has just recorded the fastest lap of the day!!
30 lap Ralf Schumacher is catching Frentzen
Hakkinen is crying in a trackside forest, he is being comforted by marshals
Irvine is up to 6th, that will put him equal for the lead
Hakkinen took the corner in 1st gear instead of 2nd
The tifosi go mad, they realise what happenedHakkinen is out of the car immediately and runs away
28 lap Hakkinen spins - he's out of the race!!!!
Coulthard makes a mess of passing Zanardi at the first chicane
Mika Salo has taken Zanardi now,he has a brake problem
Ralf Schumacher is now just 2.0 secs behind Frentzen
Barrichello takes Zanardi for 4th place - nice driving from the Brazilian
Zanardi is defending hard against Barrichello
Takagi should be spoken to by the stewards for that attempt
Takagi has taken out Badoer, Takagi tried to brake late and his front wheels reared up over the back of Badoer!
Irvine is now 3.2 seconds down on Coulthard
Barrichello is right up behind Zanardi
21 lap Irvine is right up behind Coulthard now
Zanardi can now see Barrichello in his mirrors
Hakkinen gets a new fastest lap 1:26.2
Zanardi will now have to defend his rear from Barrichello, who is looking extremely quick
Ralf Schumacher is now hunting down Frentzen, and Frentzen is still in contention himself
Barrichello passes Salo
Ralf Schumacher has just done the fastest lap - he is clearly quick and could catch Frentzen
17 lap Ralf Schumacher is starting to move away from Zanardi already
Amazingly, Alex Zanardi has let his team mate past for 3rd place
Panis pits quickly - he must be on a 2 stop strategy
15 lap Panis is about to pit
Coulthard is behind Barrichello, maintaining a 2 second advantage over Irvine
Frentzen appears to be being caught by Zanardi
Hakkinen now leads by 6.4 secs
12 lap Eddie Irvine can now see Coultard
Ralf Schumacher is across the chicane again
10th  lap David Coulthard has been taken for 6th place by Barrichello
Hakkinen now has 5.0 seconds on Frentzen
Frentzen is doing pretty well to keep up with Hakkinen since the Jordan has a larger fuel tank and is expected that he will stay out longer than other cars.
Alesi gets past Wurz for 11th
7th lap Hakkinen logs the fastest lap: 1:26.787
5th lap Frentzen currently has the fastest lap
Frentzen is holding 2nd, with the gap to Hakkinen 2.2 seconds
Coulthard is after Salo now, with Rubens Barrichello right behind him
The Williams are 3rd and 4th now
Hakkinen is starting to pull away
Mika Salo has got up to 5th, ahead of Coulthard who had a bad start
de la Rosa has pitted after a backmarker pile up on the first lap
Fisichella has ploughed straight through the first chicane,Diniz is out 
Coulthard right down the lists to 7th
Ralf Schumacher is off at the first corner,Frentzen takes Zanardi into 2nd
Hakkinen away. Frentzen is taken by Zanardi