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77 laps A commanding win for Mclaren.
76 laps Hakkinen on the last lap
75 laps It's all over for Alesi - he pulls over at the side of the road
74 laps The points are virtually settled now - it will be another 1-2 for Mclaren 
73 laps Hill has lost a few seconds to Barrichello - that gap is now 3.7 seconds
73 laps Irvine now needs to pick up the pace beacuse Frentzen is hassling him now. The gap is down to 5.8 seconds
73 laps Just four laps left now...everyone up to Wurz in 7th has been lapped
72 laps The top four positions are settled now....the only change could be a possible change between Damon Hill and Rubens Barrichello, although Irvine is now losing time to Frentzen 
71 laps Alesi has served his penalty and is down to 9th
69 laps Hill is still behind Barrichello, but looks comfortable for at least a point
68 laps Coulthard is striding away from Irvine now - he is 9.5 seconds up on Irvine now
68 laps Alesi gets a 10 second penalty for speeding in the pitlane
67 laps Barrichello's one stop appears to have worked very well - he is holding onto 5th, while team mate Herbert, in the same situation is down in 12th
67 laps Hakkinen is cruising around now - he has an impregnable lead
66 laps Irvine is 5 seconds down on Coulthard now and looks as though he will have to settle for 3rd. One mistake will cost him 2 points
64 laps Hill is right up behind Barrichello, challenging for 5th
63 laps Irvine is now trying to get back to Coulthard...he has very little chance of getting past unless he applies the same pressure that the Scot did to him
63 laps "I can take him anyday of the week" said Irvine recently about Coulthard. Not today, it seems
62 laps Irvine is off - Coulthard goes through and is 2nd. A bad mistake from Irvine, but pressure pays off. Irvine was on the grass for one corner, a mistake that will cost him - and Ferrari - 2 points.
60 laps Villeneueve is into the pits - he seems to have retired again. Another bad day for him. He is furious as he stalks the BAR pit demanding an explanation...
60 laps The Coulthard and Irvine show waltzes past Panis in 11th. Irvine ought to be able to hang onto 2nd until the flag, but Coulthard will make it uncomfortable for him
58 laps Everyone up to Wurz in 8th place has been lapped now
58 laps Irvine gets away in front - we have the same situation again. Coulthard has lost his chance of second place 
58 laps They both pit at the same time
57 laps Coulthard is still locked behind Irvine - they are effectively in a pit stop race for 2nd place on the podium
56 laps Damon Hill looks good to score with the other Jordan. Meanwhile Frentzen looks assured of 4th place with Barrichello behind him
56 laps Irvine is now 8.5 seconds down on Hakkinen, with one stop left to make
55 laps Meanwhile Hakkinen pits in 7.4 secs. Exemplary pitstop by Mclaren. The race is now Hakkinen's as long as the car holds out
54 laps Alesi pits...and he's stalled the, he gets it back again but it is a bad start
54 laps Alesi is up to 4th, although he has only pitted once. Hill now looks like he will get 6th place back 
53 laps Fisichella is out of the race.
52 laps Fisichella is having a nightmare stop! He has lost his race in the pits...bad news for Fisico who was going well
52 laps Fisichella pits now in 5th place
52 laps Coulthard is now being held up by Irvine - he is going to have to try and pass him in the pits
51 laps Hill has been slightly out of shape near the end of the lap...
51 laps Villeneuve pits - he's looking good for a finish at last...
50 laps Frentzen pits - it's a good stop - he gets out in front of Barrichello
49 laps Hill dropped down to 9th with his 2nd stop. Frentzen is coming in
48 laps Hill pits - he gets out but he's behind Barrichello, who is on a one-stop strategy
48 laps Hakkinen is stretching away now - he has time to dop another pitstop and get out in front. The race is his if everything else stays okay 
47 laps Irvine has lost more time from Hakkinen - he is being harassed from behind by Coulthard 
46 laps Hill in the last of the points-scoring places is comfortably ahead of Alesi
45 laps Coulthard is right up under Irvine's gearbox now
45 laps Hakkinen is still being told to push by his pit boards
44 laps Salo pits...
44 laps Salo is about to pit
43 laps Irvine is now back to 20 seconds behind, as it was before the traffic
43 laps Coulthard and Irvine are in the traffic now - can Eddie hold off David?
43 laps Salo STILL hasn't stopped - no wonder he didn't overtake the back markers
41 laps Coulthard is now just 2 seconds down on Irvine - Irvine is coming into traffic
40 laps Coulthard does the quickest lap of the race 1:20.923
40 laps Coulthard is catching Irvine. He is on the podium now, since Barrichello pitted
40 laps Barrichello has a long stop of 11.1 seconds
40 laps Barrichello goes in for his one stop
39 laps Irvine has closed the gap to 17 seconds now
39 laps Panis jumped infront of Herbert in the pits
38 laps Herbert and Panis pit at the same time - they are on one-stoppers
37 laps Salo is lapped again by Hakkinen - he unlapped himself when Hakkinen pitted
37 laps Hakkinen seems to be in traffic - Irvine is taking a second a lap out of him at the moment 
36 laps Barrichello's one stop will be soon...but it could put him right down the grid, so whether it works for him is questionable...
35 laps Barrichello is clearly on a one-stop strategy...
35 laps Irvine is now over 20 seconds down
34 laps Salo has got up to 13th, but has not yet stopped.
34 laps COulthard is 4th, but Barrichello has not stopped
33 laps Coulthard is out into 4th
33 laps COulthard gets a good stop - Irvine is through
32 laps Coulthard pits
32 laps Wurz has been off-road, and gets back on. He will have dirty tyres
31 laps Irvine is now 18.7 seconds down on Hakkinen after one stop
31 laps Coulthard is 2nd but he has yet to stop...
31 laps Hill is quickest in the sector 2
31 laps Hakkinen gets a quick stop...and he's out in the lead
30 laps Hakkinen pits - he will get out in the lead
30 laps Hakkinen now leads Coulthard - neither has pitted
29 laps A flood of pitstops at the moment
29 laps Irvine does Hill
29 laps Ralf Schumacher's a good one. 
28 laps The Ferrari crew are out now - its for Salo
28 laps Fisichella pits...he's on a two-stopper
28 laps Takagi is out of the race
27 laps Irvine is now holding the deficit to Hakkinen steady at 12.4 secs
26 laps Takagi pits
25 laps There are no positional changes, and only 2 retirements so far. The race will be decided on pitstops
25 laps Irvine took about a second back from Hakkinen on the last lap
24 laps Villeneuve is the first into the pits
23 laps Salo moves across after 1 blue flag
23 laps Hakkinen is now right behind Salo
22 laps The BAR pit crew are out now
22 laps Hakkinen is about to lap a Ferrari - an embarassment for Ferrari, or could they use Salo to delay Hakkinen on Irvine's behalf?
21 laps Irvine has lost time in the traffic...Fisichella is now just 5.5 seconds behind him
21 laps Hakkinen has an advantage of 11.2 seconds over Irvine now 
20 laps Diniz has spun out of the race...the 2nd retirement
19 laps Fisichella is coming back into it a little bit...the softer tyres seem to be getting faster 
19 laps Hakkinen has already lapped Gene and Takagi
18 laps Hakkinen has a lead of 8.4 seconds now - it's not nearly enough to take a pitstop, and the Mclaren garage now want Hakkinen to "PUSH!"
17 laps Fisichella has just gone fastest of all in sector 1
16 laps As expected, there is no overtaking in this race. 
15 laps Zanardi suffered a broken differential, which is why he went off track in the first place 
14 laps Salo is still lurking down in 19th
14 laps The BARs are together down in 13th and 14th at the moment...Villeneuve got a bad start
12 laps Hakkinen could pit now and still get out in front of Hill in 6th place!
12 laps Hakkinen has gone quicker again - Irvine is now 7.5 seconds down
11 laps Irvine is holding the gap down to about 0.5 seconds a lap - perhaps he has a heavy fuel load
11 laps Hakkinen now has 6.6 seconds over Irvine
9 laps Zanardi is out of the race...another bad day at the office
8 laps Zanardi is in trouble...he is bouncing through the gravel - he is down to last
8 laps Coulthard is stuck behind Frentzen 
7 laps Salo is still down in 20th
6 laps Hakkinen is setting quickest sectors every time at the moment - he is 5.1 seconds up on Irvine now. Fisichella in 3rd is already 11.8 seconds down
6 laps Wurz is briefly out of shape...he is down in 8th
5 laps Coulthard is now 12.4 seconds down on Hakkinen
4 laps The only significant gaps in the field are between Hakkinen and Irvine, and Irvine and Fisichella. Otherwise the field is bunched up
4 laps Irvine is losing between 0.5 and 1.0 seconds a lap to Hakkinen
4 laps Takagi has been in the gravel
3 laps Salo is down to 20th in the race
3 laps Irvine is now 2.4 seconds down on Hakkinen
2 laps Herbert slipped back to 12th at the start
1 lap Hakkinen is increasing his lead. Damon Hill is right behind Coulthard
1 lap Hakkinen has a 1.3 second advantage
0 laps Hakkinen and Irvine away on the first lap 
0 laps Disastrous start for Coulthard
0 laps Frentzen is up to 4th
0 laps The lights go out! Hakkinen away. Irvine away as well. Coulthard is taken by Fisichella Coulthard
Pre Race Very slow formation lap
Pre Race Formation lap underway!
Pre Race Just minutes to go now
Pre Race The pit exit has now closed - the cars are now on the grid