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Hakkinen wins coultard second schuie 3rd eddie 4th.
Hakkinen will win, Schumacher will keep hold of 3rd place and thus lose only 6 points to Hakkinen 
64 lapsHakkinen begins his last lap
Schumacher is moving through quickly
61 lap Hill moves out of the way for Schumacher
60 lapHill is impeding Coulthard at the moment...Schumacher is using the chance to catch Coulthard
Schumacher has now closed to within 9 seconds
Hakkinen is about to hit the battle for 6th that is going on between Hill, Barrichello and Trulli. Will he get through?
Trulli is being bombarded by Rubens Barrichello
Badoer is out of the race while his car is stranded on the track at the moment
Hakkinen has now lapped right up to Damon Hil in 8th
Trulli reinherits his 6th place
David Coulthard has built a gap from Schumacher looks safe now for 2nd
49 lap Hill pits again - he will rejoin in 8th
45 lap Schumacher is now losing time to Coulthard, who is on fresher tyres
Coulthard's stop is just good enough gets out in front of Schumacher by a whisker
44 lap Coulthard pits for his second stop
43 lapCoulthard's 2nd stop is now crucial to the race Hakkinen pits
Schumacher is now right up with Coulthard
40 lap Villeneuve pits the rear wing is being changed but he stalled the engine
37 lapsSchumacher is now 5 seconds down on Coulthard two three  laps more and he's going to be right up behind him
Villeneuve and Trulli are still holding points-scoring positions
Schumacher is now only 20 seconds down on Hakkinen
Frentzen is out of the race
Schumacher is now down to 6 seconds behind Coulthard
Herbert is being furiously blue flagged to let Hakkinen past
Coulthard is being held up by a battle between Salo and Wurz
Schumacher is now catching David Coulthard in 2nd
Hakkinen is now resting on his 14 second lead over Coulthard
Alesi is out of the race - he has driven off with car problems
Frentzen pits straight away. Coulthard has had a very poor pitstop and is now stuck halway between Hakkinen and Schumacher
Zanardi has had a terrible pitstop...his race is over. More bad luck for the Italian Hill also pits
Schumacher has got away first
24 lapsSchumacher and Villeneuve pit at the same time
Irvine drops to 10th after his pitstop
Hakkinen pits in quick time
22 lapsFerrari are out for a stop again as Irvine pits
Michael Schumacher is still all over Villeneuve
Hakkinen is now through the backmarkers
Badoer has been lapped
Coulthard is staying about 4 seconds adrift of Hakkinen 
Trulli is maintaining 6th place 
The Ferraris are right behind Villeneuve but he isnt letting them past 
Schumacher is now 11 seconds down on Hakkinen, and he has Villeneuve to deal with
The Mclarens are now away from the field
Alesi dropped down to 7th from 5th at the start - Jarno Trulli moved up to 6th
2nd lap Hakkinen has already opened a gap of 1.5 seconds
Jacques Villeneuve is keeping ahead of Michael Schumacher
1 lap Panis has got moving but Gene is out
A brilliant start for Mclaren and Villeneuve as well
Irvine has already let Schumacher through
Panis and Gene have stalled on the start line
Hakkinen gets away, Coulthard second, Villneueve got to 3rd