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45th lap Irvine wins... again, Salo 2nd, Frentzen 3rd.coultard 5th
42th lap Ralf Schumacher's pit board says "oil" he may be in trouble
41th lap Irvine seems to be slowing, Salo has to stay behind him, Frentzen is visible behind them
41th lap Coulthard has passed Panis  is now into 5th 
39th lap Coulthard needs to pit pits in 7.5 secs 
35th lap Coulthard is starting to catch Ralf Schumacher in 4th
28th lap Frentzen has a gap of 3.9 seconds to catch Salo
Irvine has pased Salo yeah right!.... yawn!
26th lap Coulthard comes in to do his penalty
25th lap Hakkinen is out does a 180 spin is okay, but he is out of the race
Hakkinen is past Frentzen 
The crowd are going beserk as ferrari have a 1-2 lead
24th lap David Coulthard has been given a 10 second stop and go!
Salo leads with Irvine behind him, he will allow Irvine through
23th lap Hakkinen pits a terrible pitstop with a fuel pipe problem
Salo pits into 3rd place now
22th lap Irvine pits in 9.4 seconds and returns 3rd
Frentzen pits goes back into 5th
20th lap Panis does the quickest race lap! Prost has definately improved
18th lap Herbert takes Wurz to move into 6th  so does Coulthard 
15th lap Coulthard passes Panis on lap 15
14th lap Salo is bringing the gap down,Its a Mika-Mika race
11th lap Alex Wurz has got into the points positions
10th lap Coulthard pits for a new nose Coulthard rejoins in 11th
9th lap Coulthard has lost a piece of his front wing trying to overtake salo
8th lap Irvine in 5th palce is now closing the gap to HH Frentzen in 4th
5th lap Barrichello is in trouble! slowing down he's out of the race
4th lap Hill is in 9th place, he is over the grass
3th lap The German GP is looking great for the two finns
3th lap Barrichello is now after Coultard
2th lap Barrichello has overtaken Frentzen for 4th
2th lap Hakkinen is now stretching away from Salo in 2nd
1 lap Barrichello has got in front of Irvine
Alesi pits after  hitting someone on the first lap
Frentzen is down to 4th from 2nd on grid
Salo is 2nd, Irvine 5th
Hakkinen gets away Salo gets to 2nd Diniz and Villeneuve are off