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Alex Zanardi is the 1998 CART champion, was brought into Formula1 by Frank Williams to help the team regain thier former success which they had during the early 90's.Zanardi was to pair Ralf Schumacher with Zanardi being the no.1 driver in the team, but Ralf has soon proved his worth and Zanardi has to settle for 2nd place. 
Zanardi is no stranger to Formula1 as he was a driver early on in his career, but had little success, and at one time vowed that he will never enter Formula1 again, and when he became rookie of the year, in his 1st season of CART racing and later on winning the CART championship, nobody would have guessed he would be back. 
But money makes the world go round and in formula1 it greases the wheels too, although Zanardi would have wished that he stuck to CART with no points so far in 1999. watch out for more action from Zanardi in 1999 and 2000 right here at A1F1