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Micheal Schumacher considered one of the greatest drivers in F1 history.He was born in 1969 in germany currently resides in switzerland with his wife and 2 children. He races currently with Ferrari team along with teammate Eddie Irvine and will continue to do so till 2002 when he said that he will retire from racing, probrably to start his own racing team.To defeat Micheal someone said "that you either had to be in a williams a few years ago or now in a Mclaren", the two superior cars in the last decade or so.

Micheal got his 1st chance to race in F1 along side the Great Aryton Senna where he must have got tremendous help from, Micheal Schumacher won his 1st formula 1 championship in 1994 when he won the last race at Suzaka in a nail biting finish with british driver Damon Hill in a controversial move which had Damon exit from the race. His moves have made him a great fan with many people and on many a occasion he used his brains to outwit his opponents when his car failed to keep up to the pace he wanted but he has also developed a lot of critiscm from others which only goes to show the greatness of the man.
He also won the championship in 95 and has finished 2nd in the championship in 96,97 and 98. In 1997 he shifted from the Benetton team to join with Ferrari in a move to revive Ferrari to its former glory as a racing team.He was reportedly paid 20 million dollars for the transfer but the move paid of and ferrari had won its 1st race in four years with Micheal at its helm.But Ferrari is still some way of from winning the championship . Can Scumacher do it in 1999? stay with A1 F1 to find out.


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