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Mika hakkinen was born in finland in the year 1969 and currently resides in Monaco with his wife. He made a name in 1987 winning the Finnish, Swedish and Nordic Formula Ford 1600 titles. He presently races with the Mclaren team along with race driver David Coultard.Mika Hakkinen the 1998 world champion didnt make his name until he won his 1st race in suzaka which was a wait of seven seasons which made victory even more sweeter infact he had more than a hundred starts in F1 before this had happened.

And there after he won 8 races in 1998 to crown himself the world champion. A triple champion in his Formula Ford days he made his F1 debut with Lotus Judd in 1991. Mika joined Ron Dennis' team back in 1993 as a test driver but raced the final three GPs of the season finishing third in japan. One second place and five thirds win him 4th place overall. Mika hakkinen is fondly reffered to as a joker because he jokes even when he does not do well in a race. He is liked by most of the drivers and it is a real pleasure to hear him at the pre and post race interviews.
Can Mika do it in 1999 or will Schumacher stop him? stay tuned with us to find out.