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Luca Badoer makes a welcome return to F1 racing with the Minardi team after spending the 1998 season as the Ferrari test driver. Luca's previous F1 teams include Forti, Minardi and BMS, Prior to his Formula 1 career Luca was European F3000 Champion in 1992 and enjoyed a successful
career in the Italian F3 Championship.
1999 F1 World Championship - Ferrari test driver F1 World Championship - Fondmetal Minardi Ford Team driver
1998 F1 World Championship (Ferrari Test driver)
1997 GT Lotus World Championship
1996 F1 World Championship
1995 F1 World Championship
1994 F1 World Championship (Minardi Scuderi Italia test driver)
1993  F1  World  Championship
1991  Italian  F3 championship
1990 Italian F3 championship
1988 Italian Kart champion