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Chassis                                                                . Carbon fibre composite monocoque manufactured by Benetton Formula 1 Racing Team. Engine installed as a fully stressed member attached to the rearmost monocoque bulkhead. 
Front suspension Carbon fibre top and bottom wishbones operating a titanium rocker via a push-rod system. Torsion bar and damper units mounted in the front of the monocoque. Titanium uprights and Benetton Formula 1 Racing Team designed axles.  
Rear suspension Carbon fibre top and steel lower wishbones operating coil spring damper units, mounted on top of the magnesium gearbox. 
Transmission  Benetton Formula 1 Racing Team semi-automatic six-speed gearbox. Triple plate clutch. 
Fuel system  ATL rubber fuel cell, mounted within monocoque structure behind cockpit. 
Oil system Oil tank mounted at rear of monocoque, providing two gallon (nine litre) capacity
Cooling system  Separate water and oil cooling radiators in each sidepod. 
Electrical Chassis electronics and software, including gearbox control developed by Benetton Formula 1 Racing Team with interfaces to the Magneti Marelli engine management system.
Braking system Carbon fibre discs and pads