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Chassis  A20 - Arrows manufactured Carbon Monocoque
Suspension Pushrod operated 5 damper system with dynamic dampers
Transmission  Arrows 6-speed semi-automatic, in-line configuration
Wheel Base BBS one piece 13" x12" front, 13" x13.7" rear
Gear Box(selection) Arrows (Electro-hydraulic)
Throttle:  Electro-hydraulic
Fuel System ATL/Arrows
Fuel tank capacity:  130 litres
Instruments: Arrows/TAG data display
Clutch  AP Racing (Carbon)
Brakes AP Arrows callipers, Carbone Industrie discs and pads
Drivers seat:  Arrows carbon fibre
Engine ENGINE TYPE: V10 (72 degree)
CAPACITY: 2996 cc
Valve Mechanism: DOHC, direct lifter type,cam gear drive
 Fuel Injection: Zytek
Ignition: Magneti Marelli
Tyres Bridgestone
Cooling system: Secan oil and water radiators
Seat belts:  Sabelt
Steering wheel: Arrows
Extinguisher: Arrows twin bottle system
Paint: Glasurit