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68th lap For the 1st time in F1,The race is finishing behind the safety car...Hakkinen wins in front of Fisichella and Irvine. 
67th lap Frentzen is out of his car, being helped into the medical car
66th lap Frentzen is still in his car...the safety car is out again
65th lap Irvine's on the podium position now.Fisichellla is 2nd. 
65th lap Frentzen crashes He isnt getting out of his car but is talking to officials
62th lap Hakkinen is cruising  to victory
59th lap Irvine is now taking a second ath lap out of Fisichella
57th lap Irvine takes him...brilliant again...he takes Ralf on the long straight
56th lap Irvine is the star of this show at the moment...he is right up with Ralf now
53th lap Irvine is now after Ralf Schumacher in 4th - he has 3.9 seconds to find - should be easy for him in this form...
52th lap Irvine has done it...they both go over the grass but he's through 
50th lap Zanardi is off the track Irvine is at the back of the Stewart
48th lap Coulthard comes in to serve his time
48th lap Zanardi comes to take his 10 sec. penalty
47th lap Coulthard and Zanardi also have 10 second penalties...
Badoer gets a 10 second stop and go too for delaying the racers.
Irvine gets through Panis receives a stop and go
45th lap Hakkinen has 14 seconds to Frentzen
44th lap Irvine is now in 7th, right behind Diniz
43th lap Frentzen is past the two back-markers, but Fisichella is delayed, brilliant move by frentzen.
42th lap Frentzen has stolen 2nd place in the confusion
42th lap Panis and Badoer are having a battle with Frentzen and Fisichella 
Fisichella is now 2nd, Frentzen 3rd. These two are right together
41th lap Irvine is now at the back of the field 
41th lap Coulthard tries to pass, but Irvine closeds the door Coulthard & Irvine drops down the field.
39th lap Safety car withdraws
37th lap Hakkinen pits during the Safety car interval Irvine has come in too
36th lap Fisichella, Frentzen, Herbert and Ralf Schumacher use the interval to pit
safety car  means that Eddie Irvine will get up to Hakkinen
35th lap VIlleneuve is out  he is in the same place as Zonta and Schumacher
33th lap Zanardi isth lap ped by Hakkinen 
33th lap Herbert is now in the points  he has not finished a race yet this year
32th lap Irvine is now catching Hakkinen - the gap is 6.9 seconds
30th lap The safety car car is out 
29th lap Schumacher has smashed his car after overtaking panis and is out
29th lap Marc Gene has beenth lap ped for the first time
26th lap Hakkinen's deficit to Schumi is now increase to 3.9 secs
21th lap Schumacher's lead over Hakkinen is 2.8 seconds - the gap is reducing
17th lap Hill's car left oil on the track at a crucial turn
17th lap Hakkinen is now 3.1 seconds down on Schumacher
14th lap Damon Hill is out of the race after hitting the wall at the same place as Zonta
12th lap Villeneuve is up to 10th after the events at the start
Fisichella Frentzen and Herbert are glued together in 5th, 6th and 7th
9th lap Schumacher now has 1.5 seconds on Hakkinen, while The Scot is all over Irvine 
Schumacher and Irvine have already built a gap over thier McLaren rivals
Johnny Herbert is all over the back of Frentzen
6th lap Safety Car withdraws
Just twelve seconds separates the field while the Safety Car is out 
Zonta who's car went out is in a very dangerous position. safety car out again
Coulthard has taken back 4th from Fisichella
2th lap The safety car leaves the track
Safety Car is out, Trulli was charging up the inside - he hit Alesi and Barrichello. Wurz is in the pits too
Schumacher is away, in front of Hakkinen and Irvine. Coulthard is down to 5th behind Fisichella
Schumacher gets away by cutting right across. There's a Prost right off the track at corner 1. Alesi is out too