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60th lap Hill finishing in 5th place drives around silverstone for the last time.
60th lap Coulthard wins...Irvine is 1.8 seconds down in 2nd. Ralf Schumacher takes the third place on the podium
59th lap Irvine has settled for 2nd
55th lap Fisichella is in 7th,
54th lap Coulthard is 3 seconds ahead of  Irvine
53th lap Frentzen is reeling Ralf in
53th lap Hill is slowly catching Frentzen
51th lap Ralf Schumacher is being delayed by Alesi
49th lap Frentzen is right up behind Ralf Schumacher now
48th lap Diniz inherits 6th place from herbert
48th lap Herbert has been given 10 seconds stop and go, he will lose 6th place.
47th lapBarrichello pits,  as Hill takes him moving up to 5th 
The crowd is going wild...Hill pits in the lead resumes in 6th behind Barrichello
45th lap Frentzen pits Hill is leading the UK Grand Prix for probably his last race
43th lap Coulthard is bearing down on Hill who hasent pitted
41th lapCoulthard pits quicker than Irvine,Coulthard gets out safely in the lead
41th lap Irvine pits a second time.Irvine's stop could be quick enough to get him in front when Coulthard pits again
40th lap Barrichello has caught Frentzen in 4th
39th lap Herbert is catching Hill in 6th place Ralf Schumacher pits for the 2nd time
35th lap Hakkinen's has pitted again for the 4th time, retires
34th lap Ralf Schumacher is holding onto 3rd 
34th lap Irvine is glued to Coulthard but does not look like pasing him unless there is a mistake.
32th lap Barrichello has taken Hill for 5th place
31th lap Safety car comes away,Coulthard leads Irvine
30th lap Hakkinen has rejoined the race.Villeneuve is out of the race again The Safety car is out now!
A Marshal ran onto the circuit and rescued the stranded wheel 
29th lap Hakkinen's wheel has come off!!! In the pit straight
28th lap Hakkinen is 11th, and fastest with a lap of 1:28.3
27th lap Irvine is clipping coultard's lead
26th lap Coulthard has now passed Irvine to lead the race
26th lap Has Irvine has gone onto a 1-stop strategy?
25th lap Hakkinen pits rejoins in 2nd
24th lap R Schumacher gets in front of Frentzen
24th lapSchumacher R and Frentzen pit together
23th lapCoulthard Hill have pitted 
Irvine is now pulling away from Coulthard - 3.2 seconds is the gap now
21th lap Frentzen in 4th place is now 25 seconds down on the leader Hakkinen but has pitted
20th lap Hakkinen is grinding out his lead - it's now 6 seconds, but a poor stop could wreck it at a stroke
15th lap Coulthard in third place is 12 seconds ahead of Frentzen in 4th
Coulthard is now over a second down on Irvine.
11th lap Hakkinen's leads by 4 seconds over Irvine 
5th lap Badoer pits for a new nose cone. Badoer is out of the race
Hakkinen is now slowly grinding out as lead 
2th lap Fisichella up to 11th Hakkinen is now opening up a gap
Safety car leaves the track - Coulthard almost took Irvine
Safety car is out to get rid of de la Rosa's car on the grid
Hill dropped to 6th, Frentzen started well
Race begins again.Hakkinen gets away. Irvine gets ahead of Coulthard. De la Rosa has stalled on the grid
There will be a formation lap Schumacher's position will sit empty
Schumacher has broken his leg.Schumacher is being taken to hospital
Schumacher  injured
Schumacher has ploughed into the tyre wall trying to overtake Irvine at the 1st corner
The race is stopped
Villeneueve is left on the grid Zanardi stalled
Bad start from schumacher who is in 4th place at the start
Panis has started in the pitlane in the spare car (which isn't set up for him)
Panis will start in the pitlane due to some problem