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Jacques Villeneuve will start from the back of the grid after using illegal fuel in qualifying.
Coulthard stalls on the grid! 
Frentzen got ahead of Hill 
Schumacher is now 3rd with Barrichello and Hakkinen in front of him 
 Hakkinen is beginning to creep away from Barrichello 
Coulthard  in the pits.
Hakkinen in trouble - he's slowing  Barrichello is  leading 
 Barrichello is leading  on Schumacher...Hakkinen back to proper speed 
Hakkinen is now sandwiched between  Ferraris 
 Hakkinen is now right behind Schumacher
 Barrichello has a  lead of 3 seconds and increasing
hill and wurz touch in trouble
 Panis gets 10 second penalty for a jump start 
Coulthard has been blue flagged to let Schumacher past!
Schumacher is grinding out Barrichello's lead, while Hakkinen is right behind him 
Alesi passes  Fisichella  for 5th position
  Barrichello pits as Schumacher takes over the lead (26 laps)
Irvine is now 3rd in front of Barrichello
Barrichello takes Irvine in the Senna S
Hakkinen takes the lead as schuie pits 
 Schumacher is out in front of Barrichello 
Hakkinen pits 9.1 secs(40th lap)comes out ahead of schuie
 Barrichello out of race smoke comes out of engine
Irvine pits. Frentzen in 3rd spot
Ralf Schumacher in front of Irvine who is 5th
Irvine catches up to ralf
Hakkinen fastest lap on 71st lap
Schumacher  2nd...Frentzenout of fuel but has finished