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A1: Scuderia ferrari was founded by Enzo ferrari in 1929 at modena.
A2: The 1st F1 champion was Giuseppe Farina, he won in the year 1950.
A3: Fangio has won 5 championships in 51, 54, 55, 56 & 57.
A4: Vanwall was the 1s team to win the constructors championship in 1958.
A5: Nigel Mansell in 1992 & Micheal Schumacher in 1995 each with 9 wins.
A6: Allan prost has 51 victories in F1 as a driver.
A7: Jackie steward won his 1s G.P. in 1965 at Monza with BRM.
A8: Mansell has the highest no. of poles in a season starting in pole 14 times in 1992.
A9: The TWR team was 1s established in 1976.
A10: Ford Cosworth has 175 wins under its belt.
A11: Ferrari has 113 wins in F1 racing.
A12: Emerson Fittipaldi was the youngest world champion in 1972 at he age of 25.
A13: Fangio was the oldest world champion at the age of 46 in 1957.
A14: The least no. of cars to finish a G.P.was 4 at  monoco in 1966.
A15: Tom Walkinshaw managing director of TWR was voted automan of the year in 1997.
A16: no one else, Fangio is the only driver to win a Hat Trick of championships
A17: Patrick Neve was the 1s driver for williams.
A18: Williams won its 1s race in 1979.
A19: March, Williams and Tyrrell were the teams to put a 6 wheeled car but they  were banned
        Tyrrell is the only team to win points with a 6 wheeled car in 1976