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Irvine Wins! He is just 2 points behind Hakkinen in the championship.Ferrari keep their lead in the Constructors Championship 
70th lap Fisichella's engine blows Yellow flag for Fisichella 
 Coulthard is right behind Irvine It's is so tense at the front. Coulthard can't get close enough to pass
67th lap With threeth lap left, Coulthard is right behind Irvine
64th lap Coulthard is getting closer 
63th lap Hakkinen looks as though he will have to settle for third, while Diniz is 6th
61th lap Soon Coulthard will be up with Irvine which will provide a brilliant battle for the last fewth lap 
60th lap Irvine has traffic - it's Trulli
Coulthard has the gap down to 1.5 seconds,Irvine has worn his brakes down.
58th lap Hill is about to be lap ped
58th lap Irvine is in traffic and now Coulthard is closing
57th lap The gap between Coulthard and Irvine is now down to 2 seconds
56th lap Fisichella goes offtrack enters again but loses a place
56th lap Barrichello is out his engine has blown. Both Benettons are now in the points
55th lap Wurz has profitted from the crash of pitstops to move up to 6th place...
51th lap Irvine is holding his lead  of  3.5 secs
50th lap Coulthard is now past the backmarker Salo
50th lap Hakkinen is now 3rd, 16.3 seconds behind team mate Coulthard
49th lap Hakkinen takes Barrichello with ease, although the Stewart has held him back
 48th lap Coulthard must get past Salo who is slowing him down.
47th lap Hakkinen is right behind Barrichello
Hakkinen is now gunning for Barrichello in 3rd place. After that he will chase down Coulthard, who is responsible for him being down the field...
An amazing strategy by Ferrari - Irvine is now leading Coulthard by 1.9 seconds on fresh tyres with a low fuel load
Irvine has lasted until 44th lap with a lot of fuel on board and then nicked into the lead
Irvine gets out in front of Coulthard
Irvine pits, so too does Fisichella
Hakkinen is only 19 seconds behind Coulthard now
Hakkinen is now 5th, behind Barrichello
Hakkinen's stop is good in 9.7 secs
39th lap Hakkinen is in the pits
Hakkinen is now ahead of Coulthard, although he will stop this lap 
39th lap Coulthard pits in 10.8 secs
38th lap Barrichello has a poor pit stop which puts him down to 5th, while Hakkinen logs another faster lap 
37th lap Zanardi's race is over he runs out of fuel
36th lap Hakkinen is also eating into Coulthard's lead - he has improved his deficit to Coulthard by 10 seconds in about 5th lap 
35th lap Barrichello is eating into Coulthard's lead 
34th lap Hakkinen quickest again
33th lap Hakkinen gets Frentzen at Castrol Kurve
Fisichella, Wurz, Trulli and Hill are separated only by about 4 seconds in 7th-10th places...therefore a good pitstop by Hill could move him up to 7th
30th lap Barrichello is catching Coulthard and holding off Irvine - meanwhile Hakkinen has to get past Frentzen in order to earn a shot at Irvine
Hakkinen has caught Frentzen
29th lap Coulthard is going to lap Salo's  Ferrari
27th lap Barrichello is chiselling away at Coulthard's lead, although it still stands at 12.2 secs
Alesi pits now, and Hakkinen goes up to 5th place Frentzen in 4th 
Coulthard is losing time.Diniz Pits
22th lap Barrichello looks to be closing the gap to Coulthard.
21th lap Hill has passed Zonta to go into 12th
20th lap Hakkinen sets the fastest lap 
Alesi passes Villeneueve, so does Hakkinen
18th lap Hakkinen passes Fisichella without much trouble
17th lap Jean Alesi has passed Fisichella to delay the attentions of Hakkinen. 
16th lap Barrichello is consolidating the 2nd place, now leading Irvine by almost 4 seconds
16th lap Mika Salo is down in 19th place after having to pit. He hit Johnny Herbert on lap 1 at turn 1, and needed a nose replacement. Herbert was out for 3th lap !
Hakkinen is now behind Alesi and Fisichella
15th lap Hakkinen is losing time to Coulthard in this traffic 
14th lap Hakkinen is now trying to get past Zonta
Diniz has taken Villeneuve for 5th place,Hakkinen is now past Wurz 
11th lap Mika Hakkinen is now 30 seconds down on Coulthard.
10th lap Hakkinen is up to 11th climbing slowly!
Diniz has made it up to 6th from 16th on the grid 
8th lap Ralf Schumacher is out of the race,trying to outbreak and almost crashes into villeneuve Yellow flags are waving for Ralf Schumacher's car
6th lap Hakkinen is now up to 12th 
Irvine cannot get in front of Barrichello
Great race for the benettons,Fisichella has got up to 8th from 12th, whilst Wurz is still in 10th
5th lap Badoer is already lap ped!
4th lap Coulthard's lead is 6.4 seconds already in 4th lap 
3rd lap Salo has pitted Hakkinen is past Gene and Panis
2nd lap Salo's front wing is hanging off
Coulthard is now building a lead
1st lap alo appears to have hit Herbert, who has now pitted
Coulthard is leading Barrichello, who ducked in front of Irvine
Coulthard nudges Hakkinen and the Finn is at the back of the field
Hakkinen is away, Coulthard too. Irvine still 3rd 
Alex Zanardi is the only driver who has elected to run hard compound tyres
The Benetton pit crew are wearing comedy Tyrolean hats to chear Wurz.