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The 1999 Season was yet another episode in the drama that we call Formula1, Here's what some of the participants have to say.

"Life is strange, but F1 is simply crazy."
Eddie Irvine following his disastrous performance in the European Grand Prix at the Nurburgring 99

``You think feverishly about what you can do to slow the car down. But everything goes so fast that there is little else you can do than fatalistically accept what happens to you next.''
~Micheal Schumacher describing his 99 crash at Silverstone

``I'd rather not go on and perform so badly. I'd rather not have that. If you believe in reading the signals, they have basically been that I've got to stop''
~Damon Hill on quitting early on in the season(99 season)

I have learned a lot at Ferrari and I feel a much richer person for having been with them,’‘Yes, richer in the pocket, but also richer in every sense of the word. Now it is time to go and join Jaguar. 
~Irvine on joining jaguar

"We will shake hands (with ferrari) on Sunday night(Suzaka) whatever happens."
~Mercedes-Benz sporting director Norbert Haug on the outcome of Ferrari's appeal over their disqualification

"I think I will get on better with Rubens that I did with Eddie.‘Rubens is like me, in that he’s married, and he doesn’t have a crazy life like Eddie does. 
~Schumacher on His new partner for 2000

"I don’t think running F1 carries with it much more than money and maybe power, but I’d rather run our group. In American society money is the measure of your success, but it’s not the measurement throughout the world.’
~Ron Dennis on denying Italian paper reports that he will succeed Bernie Ecclestone. 6 Nov 99

‘It would be a fantastic achievement if Mika could win three in a row, But I am not in the position of worshipping Mika’s success ultimately, we are trying to beat each other.’ 
Coultard on Mika's performance in 99

"I hope I’ll be back, but in life and F1, you can never be sure."
~ Zanardi on whether he will be back with Williams for 2000

“It’s obvious that other people are doing things a lot better than we are. Until we can match them on a man-to-man basis, then no matter what engine saviour we might have, it’s still going to be a problem for us.”
~Adrian Reynard on his teams disappointing performance

The timing is really fantastic. I was really desperate to get out of Ferrari this season, and I am a lucky, lucky guy. I could not have coped with another year because Michael Schumacher is so damn good. He is a back-breaker. He saps you, and the effort of working and competing with him drains you.
~Irvine at end of 99 season