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McLaren Launches 99 Car
 McLaren launched on Monday the car that will be driven by Mika
& David for the world championship  .  Mika Hakkinen, on winning
the 1998 title, will carry the number "one" on his car while David
Coulthard will carry the number "two."  At the launch Ron Dennis made
it clear that although the new McLaren MP4-14 looks quite a bit like
1998's MP4-13, that only ten percent of last year's ideas are found within the
new car.  Dennis also stated that there were new features of the new McLaren
that they couldn't show or talk about, due to the possibility of their rivals
learning too much, too soon!  The McLaren is still awaiting its first official run,
but everyone within the team seems confident that the new McLaren will be the
car to beat in 1999.
Minardi's 1999 Season
 Minardi launched their 1999 Formula One car on Sunday.  The new car
has one of the qualities that many of the previous Minardi Formula One
cars have had.  This quality is beauty.  Once again, Minardi has a
great looking car going into the new season powered by a new
Ford Cosworth Zetec-R V10.  The only question is whether or not the team
can score points in 1999.  It would certainly be an exciting season for
Minardi if they managed to finish better than Stewart, who is factory backed by
Thursday Testing:
 At Magny-Cours, France, on Thursday Ralf Schumacher,in the Williams,
set the fastest time of the day with a lap of 1:18.27.  Alex Zanardi ended the
day second, three to four tenths slower than Ralf.  The 1999 cars do have to
deal with the extra groove on the front tires, but with Mika Hakkinen's  pole time
at Magny-Cours last year being a 1:14.929 the test wasn't extremely impressive.
 Meanwhile Benetton, Jordan, and Arrows were testing at Silverstone.
Fisichella's Benetton set the fastest lap at 1:27.019.  Damon Hill was second
fastest with a lap of 1:28.024.  These times are only in testing though and the
car's times are sure to change once they get to the first Grand Prix in Australia
in about four weeks.
BAR's Hopes Gone:
  BAR launched their 1999 Formula One cars with two
different liveries in early January.  The FIA introduced a new rule during the
1998 season that said a team couldn't use different liveries for each of the
two cars.  BAR, on the other hand, wanted to be able to promote two of
British American Tobacco's products.  BAR challenged the FIA, but on
Wednesday (February 3, 1999) the hopes of BAR were rejected when
the Arbitral Tribunal of the International Chamber of  Commerce ruled upon
the matter.  Now, BAR could be in more trouble for challenging the FIA
and saying things about the FIA while hoping to get the go ahead for the
two liveries.
Esteban Tuero stops
Esteban Tuero has left the Minardi team today. He said to the team that he
quitsof personal reasons.Tuero was the youngest, 19 years, driver of the field.
Toyota in Formula One
  This week Toyota revealed there plans to enter Formula One within 5 years
from now. Some saythey will try to enter in 2002.
"The company will undertake specific studies and research activities concerning
the engine and chassis to prepare for Formula One as a comprehensive team",
said Toyota President Hiroshi Okuda.
Benetton B189 more agressive
Benetton showed there new car, the Benetton B189, to the press. The new car
is much more agressive than last years car. The car of last year was more a
basic car and was really adapt to thenew tyres. This years car has to be more
productive and should help Benetton to one or more victories.
McDonalds in Formula One
  McDonalds is looking if they could sponsor in the Formula One. This because
thereare problems around the Olympic Games. If the problems are proved then
they will quit sponsoring the OlympicGames. Then they are almost certain of
sponsoring a  Formula One team.
Berryllium banned
 Berryllium,the toxic and expensive stuff will be banned in 2000.This expensive
metal is used in lastyear Mercedes Benz engines. When this is used there could
be toxic exhaust gasses which can cause lung cancer.
No launch from Arrows ?
   Some sources say that Arrows will launch the new car coming Thursday. But
therearen't any invitations send to the press, so it is very unlikely that the launch
will be this week.The team didn't comment on the rumours but also didn't deny.
There could be a press conference about the deal with the Nigerian Prince
Malik Ado Ibrahim and finance inverstor Morgan Grenfell Private Equity.